Sustainably boosting production and productivity in agriculture

27 Mar 2024
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Malvern Panalytical Smart Return Agriculture
Smart Return Agriculture is an innovative solution that combines a Vis-NIR sensor and a cloud-based platform that uses artificial intelligence to provide real-time predictive measurements in the field for leaf nitrogen levels, soils, disease, and fruit maturity. Nitrogen Mapping uses the proven Trek Product, for nitrogen analysis based on assay analysis in the field.

Nitrogen is a vital nutrient for plant growth, but can also pose challenges for farmers and the environment. Applying too much nitrogen can lead to water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, while applying too little can compromise crop yield and quality. Solution Smart Return Agriculture allows crop producers to measure the nitrogen content in plant leaves, and then generate a map that indicates the amount and location of nitrogen fertilizer levels for each field. By using advanced algorithms and data analytics, Smart Return provides data to make customised recommendations for the optimal amount, timing, and frequency of nitrogen applications. It also monitors crop health and performance throughout the growing season and alert crop producers to any potential risks enabling producers to reduce their costs, improve their income, and minimise their environmental impact.

Our work with one of our banana growers over the last two years has shown that they can save at least 20 to 30% on nitrogen fertilizer by using Smart Return Agriculture for real-time monitoring which allows them to make frequent adjustments to their fertilizer application plans. The market and potential for Smart Return Agriculture is vast and promising. Smart Return Agriculture is currently geared toward high value crop applications, such as cereals, oilseeds, pulses, fruits and vegetables, and can target any crop. The main drivers for the potential growth of Smart Return Agriculture are the increasing demand for high-quality crops, the rising adoption of precision agriculture practices, and the growing awareness of environmental issues.

Smart Return Agriculture leverages its unique features and benefits to capture a significant share of the high value crop market and differentiate itself from competitors by expanding its potential through integration with other digital platforms and services, enhancing its value proposition. Smart Return Agriculture creates a loyal customer base by providing consistent and reliable results, enabling long-term relationships with the crop producers. Smart Return Agriculture is also enhancing the sustainability of farming practices, by minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution associated with excessive nitrogen use, therefore contributing to the global goals of food security, climate action, and environmental protection.