case study 8

Supporting GE Healthcare in ventilator production

21 Oct 2021
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Hummingbird Sensing Technology produces high-performance, paramagnetic oxygen sensors that are used in critical care ventilators to monitor the amount of oxygen administered to a patient. The COVID-19 pandemic required the whole supply chain to increase the supply of respiratory care and patient monitoring technology. GE Healthcare provide critical care ventilation solutions and worked with Servomex to rapidly ramp up the supply of sensors.

Benefit to customer

Servomex swiftly expanded its production to meet the new increase in demand for oxygen sensors. This included a large increase in the size of the clean room operation where they are produced. Servomex also launched a new variant of the Paracube that meets GE Healthcare’s specific requirements, yet is much faster to manufacture, at much greater volumes. This rapid development project, which saw 18 months of development work being condensed into under three months was only made possible by the determination of the Servomex team, as well as a strong partnership with its key customers and with certified bodies.