case study 7

Reducing fuel costs and emissions

21 Oct 2021
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Many of Servomex’s IP&E customers operate in hazardous environments. Gas monitoring and control in these scenarios is therefore critical to safety. It is also important from an environmental point of view, ensuring lower emissions and better resource use. In hydrocarbon processing and power generation applications, process heaters and furnaces are integral. They allow fuel and air to react together and produce extremely high gas temperatures. In doing so, they use large quantities of fuel, generate emissions and can create a safety hazard for plant and personnel.


Servomex’s FluegasExact and Laser 3 Plus Combustion are highly accurate, responsive gas analysis technologies. They measure oxygen, carbon monoxide, methane and other combustibles to help optimise the air-to-fuel ratio to control the combustion process. Excess oxygen would lead to reduced efficiency and increased emissions. Keeping the combustion reaction at the optimum point therefore ensures safe operation, improving efficiency, while also reducing both fuel costs and emissions. It also ensures compliance with environmental regulations.