Reducing automotive environmental development impact

24 Mar 2023
More productive
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The automotive industry is rapidly advancing and is increasingly reliant on virtual product development. This shift is not only driven by the desire and expectation to contribute to a more sustainable future, but is also a result of the fiercely competitive environment and the necessity to increase efficiency and speed to market. The need to reduce vehicle development time and cost is driving engineering teams towards greater use of virtual models into their development and refinement processes. The increasing shift to driving simulator technology allows for comparison of design proposals and engagement of key suppliers earlier in the process to accelerate development and minimize waste.

Benefit to customer

Leading automotive engineering services provider, HORIBA MIRA has invested heavily in the evolution of its engineering capability and in the development of the MIRA Technology Park, Europe’s leading mobility R&D location for developing the latest automotive technology. To further advance its existing capabilities, HORIBA MIRA’s Vehicle Attribute Development team has added a DiM250 dynamic simulator to its earlier investment in VI-grade simulators to further enhance its proprietary approach to driver-centric and qualitative vehicle attribute engineering.

HORIBA MIRA, is guided by its purpose to ‘improve lives by making journeys safer, cleaner and smarter.’ The company provides OEM and key customers with turnkey engineering services – from the initial
pre-programme phase through to series production. HORIBA MIRA’s attribute engineering process is focused on the driver experience. This is reflected in the development of its new driver-in-the-loop
capability, which incorporates the driver’s subjective assessments at the earlier, virtual stage of the design cycle.

“We have a long-established reputation as the leading partner of choice for vehicle driven-attributes engineering. Complementing our deep engineering expertise, this new investment further strengthens our position and enables us to increasingly lead the way in engineering solutions for the rapidly changing needs of future mobility.” Graeme Stewart HORIBA MIRA’s Chief Technical Officer