case study 11 v2

Real-time monitoring to drive productivity

16 Jun 2021
More productive
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Red Lion worked closely with a food packaging equipment OEM who needed an architecture to access real-time data globally to assess and monitor its performance. The existing set-up did not allow the monitoring of real-time data, inhibiting its ability to improve efficiency. It required local access to operational data, but without access to private machine data. It also wanted to significantly reduce its maintenance costs.


FlexEdge, one of Red Lion’s new advanced automation device. was installed at the machine layer, connecting and communicating with multiple different PLCs and then configured the different datasets to the required destinations so that data privacy was maintained.

As a result, the OEM eliminated $1 million in annual licensing fees. Importantly, it had the real-time data needed to monitor operational output and increase efficiency, allowing it to further reduce its cost base.