case study 4

Optimising efficiency and safety whilst minimising environmental impact

20 Feb 2022
1 min read


A leading petrochemical company wanted to increase efficiency and reduce emissions at one of its ethylene plants. The plant has been in operation for more than 20 years, and the company was upgrading the 14 dual-fired furnaces on its ethylene cracker units to improve efficiency and safety. They were committed to using innovative technology to operate sustainably and minimise its impact on the environment.

Benefit to customer

Servomex delivered a system of 56 analysers to measure oxygen and carbon monoxide. Unlike single-point analysis techniques, they have been installed across the stack, providing an average measurement, much more effective for safety monitoring. By delivering fast and accurate measurements of both oxygen and carbon monoxide, the analysers help provide better control of the cracking process allowing the combustion reaction to be optimised and thereby improving efficiency, reducing emissions and limiting pollution. The upgrade plans will also prepare the site for any future moves towards using hydrogen off-gas instead of natural gas, increasing its commitment to clean air even further.