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Improving stability, supply and storage of vaccines across the world

22 Mar 2022
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Leukocare AG is a German biotechnology company specialising in the field of biopharmaceutical formulation development. COVID-19 has led to the development of a number of vaccines targeting the virus. However, there is still a high need for improved stability, supply and storage conditions to enable widespread distribution.


Malvern Panalytical and Leukocare AG have been collaborating to help improve the availability of COVID-19 vaccines. Malvern Panalytical’s technical solutions and expertise provide the complementary data required to drive formulation development. Its MicroCal Differential Scanning Calorimetry technology is a gold standard technique for assessing thermal stability and facilitating the selection of stable vaccine formulations.

Combining Leukocare’s pioneering expertise in biopharmaceutical formulation development with Malvern Panalytical’s extensive analytical know-how has helped understand how the stability of vaccines can be improved, thereby increasing production and simplifying distribution.