case study 15

HBK Copenhangen - Virum

18 Oct 2021
1 min read

In 2021, HBK opened their new site in Copenhagen – Virum and became the first manufacturing facility to run on 100% renewable energy. The site is a re-purposed building that has now been converted into a new state of the art facility where sustainability is now embedded into the operations.

The main building of the site is equipped with solar panels on the roof. The solar panels produce approximately 167 MWh per year in a standardized year, or what is equivalent to 148 tCO2e  emissions avoided.

The new site also has a waste management area designed to meet both legislative requirements and HBK’s own requirements. The waste yard is designed as a locked shed with CVT camera surveillance to reduce the risk of theft of discarded HBK products, as this may cause an illegal export of dual-use items or airplane parts. All waste is sorted and recyclable materials such as metals, hard plastic, soft plastic, wood, paper, cardboard, PCBs, electronics, gold, and glass are collected individually. Combustible materials, residual waste, and food and organic wastes are collected separately and used for district heating, power production, and biogas production.

Electric vehicle charging stations have also been installed, new LED lighting to reduce consumption and world class chemical management systems to protect the surrounding environment.