case study 10

Future-proofing hybrid and electric powertrain testing

16 Jun 2021
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The automotive industry has evolved rapidly and sales of hybrid and electric cars have risen continuously. Loccioni has been a leader in this technological evolution, producing everything from end of line and laboratory test benches to measurement instruments, as well as offering outsourced testing services, for hybrid and electric powertrains. To keep up with such fast-paced evolution in technology, there must be an equally rapid development in the analytical methodology used. Due to the industry’s frequently changing testing requirements, Loccioni needed a measurement solution with a high amount of expandability and flexibility

Benefit to customer

HBK’s eDrive system provides that future-proof test and measurement system. The acquisition system is easily integrated with Loccioni’s existing equipment, plus the expandability and flexibility of the hardware means that it can be readily upgraded in response to future measurement requirements. In addition, unlike other electrical power analysers, the eDrive testing solution is capable of measuring in both stationary and transient states of the system. During the development of new hybrid and electric systems, the ability to record and save data relative to transient states is of crucial importance to assess its efficiency, helping in the development of ever more efficient and durable powertrains.