Accelerating drug discovery

24 Mar 2023
2 min read


Drug discovery has experienced great modern innovation and advancements over recent years. However, it is still challenged and limited by the length of time, high risk and high development costs – making target identification of drug molecules challenging and highly complex. 2bind is one of the world’s leading service providers of biophysical analytical services. Their mission is to accelerate research and development of drugs, antibodies, proteins, RNA, DNA and aptamers by developing high-end, flexible and scalable biophysical methods and assays.

Benefit to customer

CreoptixAG (a Malvern Panalytical company) and 2bind share the same mission of improving technologies and biophysical tools. They have signed a technology-service partnership to offer customers the highest quality research tools to help them accelerate their R&D. The collaboration supports 2bind to expand its service portfolio with the innovative Creoptix WAVE product and provides Creoptix with a highly experienced partner as a certified service provider and beta-tester for future technology developments.

The Creoptix WAVEsystem helps to accelerate further drug discovery advancements. The waveRAPID allows 2bind to study real-time drug binding interactions due to its exceptionally high sensitivity and resolution. Sitting adjacent to the WAVEsystem on the 2bind analytical bench is Malvern Panalytical’s Microcal ITC – both working hand in hand in 2bind’s drug discovery workflow. WAVE starts the lead generation process, sifting through molecules at a fast and highly sensitive rate. The ITC then works together with the WAVE during the lead generation and optimization stages of the workflow enabling 2bind to receive the full picture across a number of service areas including drug discovery, fragment-based drug discovery, protein biophysics, antibody development, aptamer research and RNA-based drug discovery.

“The WAVEsystem is able to detect even the fastest kinetics and is very accurate. The use of the device is very easy, comfortable and intuitive. Protocols from orthogonal kinetic methods can be easily transferred, which allows fast adoption and optimization of the technical setup. We are super happy with the device and the Creoptix team.” Thomas Schubert CEO, 2bind GmbH