Our Group image servomex
Our Group image servomex

About Servomex

Servomex is a global expert in specialist premium gas and moisture analysis solutions. Servomex supplies innovative portable gas analysers through to large and complex process solutions to help its customers meet the challenges of gas analysis.

Alongside its instruments, Servomex provides global customer support, combined with local expertise, to ensure its solutions deliver accurate and reliable gas measurements that help its customers to improve product quality, maintain plant and process safety and meet legislative requirements.

Products and services

Servomex provides gas analysers (for use in both hazardous and safe area applications), gas analysis systems and transducers, combined with a full range of customer support products and services.

Using 14 sensing technologies, Servomex products tell you what gases you have, when you have it, and how you can use that information to improve process control, quality, safety, emissions management or combustion control

Servomex is organised across three applications:

Hummingbird Sensing Technology for use in medical and industrial applications

Purity and specialty – applications for high purity gas analysis including industrial and medical gases, ultra-high purity gases, semiconductor manufacturing or air separation applications

Industrial process and emissions - gas analysis solutions primarily in oil, gas and petrochemicals process and safety applications and the combustion cycle in power generation and manufacturing processes


  • Semiconductor
  • Energy
  • Medical
  • General industrial