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Health and Safety

The Group is committed to the highest standards of health and safety as part of the Spectris Business System, and we strive every day to maintain a positive safety culture across our business. We adhere to all laws and regulations governing safe working and, in many cases, our internal standards go above the requirements of the law.

We monitor and record safety observations as a leading indicator of health and safety risk at a site level and by business and we hold our businesses accountable for improving their leading indicator performance to drive down our incident rate.

Our main lagging indicator is Incident Recordable Rate which we record for both employees and contractors. This indicator measures the number of OSHA recordable injuries per 100 full-time workers during a one-year period – A recordable injury is defined as any work-related injury or illness that results in loss of consciousness, days away from work, restricted work, or transfer to another job or any work-related injury or illness requiring medical treatment beyond first aid.

The Spectris Health and Safety Committee provides a Group-wide community for the consideration of ongoing safety best practice with representatives from each operating company. The Committee meets every 6 weeks to discuss key themes, policies and challenges that have arisen and considers whether these are best managed at a Group or local level.

In 2022, the Health and Safety Committee completed the rollout and deployment of Benchmark, an industry-leading digital software solution for managing health and safety reporting. This deployment has enabled businesses across the Group to align their health and safety reporting in one platform. The system supports one set of consistent key performance indicators and a standard set of terminology to track safety performance across the Group. Benchmark data is providing us with key insights into safety performance
trends across the Group – driving targeted improvements. We are proud of the way the businesses have embraced Benchmark. In the next phase we will extend access to all employees across the Group, enabling increased ease of safety compliance and real time safety observations to further improve our combined workplace Health and Safety.

Total recordable incident rate

We monitor our performance through our total recordable incident rate (‘TRIR’) key performance indicator, a standardised safety calculation defined by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (‘OSHA’) which measures a company’s safety performance.


2022 spectris health safety graph
2022 spectris health safety graph