case study 12

Remote monitoring in extreme environments

21 Oct 2021
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Ski resort operators, nature observatories and other high-altitude, difficult-to-reach facilities need to store perishable foods year-round in mountain-top facilities. To maintain freshness and ensure food safety, food storage areas are required to operate continuously under minus 14 degrees Celsius. Given their extreme locations, these companies need to be able to continuously monitor and control temperatures remotely.

Benefit to customer

Omega developed an IIoT-based solution for the customer with its new Layer N eco-system of smart sensors and gateways, connecting multiple sensors to the chillers and providing the ability for remote temperature measurement and monitoring, with critical alarm events from any connected device. The continuous monitoring improves efficiency and cost by reducing the risk of spoilage, waste and costly re-supply efforts. It also helps minimise the risk of lost revenue and poor customer experiences due to supply disruptions.