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Enabling high accuracy data collection within seconds for the food industry

19 Mar 2022
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The Food Innovation Center (‘FIC’) at Rutgers University, USA, is a food business incubator and accelerator that supports food companies from concept to commercialisation. Temperature control is a critical process in the food and beverage industry to ensure product integrity and quality, for example measuring the temperature of a fluid moving through a pipe during manufacture. The FIC needed to move the location of a temperature sensor to get a more accurate reading. This would normally involve a two-day shutdown and the need to bring in a contractor to cut and weld the pipe in order to move the fitting to the new location.

Benefit to customer

Using Omega’s new high-accuracy non-invasive clamp temperature sensor or ‘HANITM’, the FIC achieved the same outcome in seconds. The HANI is easily installed by clamping it externally to the pipe where it delivers immediate high-accuracy temperature readings without the costly installation and downtime. Also, by being non-invasive and non-contact, it avoids the risk of contamination, which can affect product integrity. It allows easy connectivity and data collection and gives the manufacturer the flexibility to easily change up their temperature monitoring system around the facility.