Health & safety

As a responsible employer, we take the health and safety of our employees seriously. We are proud to have an excellent record of safety in our workplaces, but we remain vigilant and track our accident incident rate as a key performance indicator, with the aim of reducing this to as low a level as reasonably practical. Local health and safety managers and officers carry out regular audits and employee training and suggest improvements in working practices where appropriate in order to create a safer workplace.

Each of our operating companies is responsible for implementing the Group-wide health and safety policy, and for complying with any additional local regulations. Our Group policy covers our own employees, sub-contractors and – where appropriate – our suppliers. Click here to read the full policy. All our major locations are regularly inspected by independent assessors for their compliance with health and safety policy and procedures. Any recommendations for improvements are put into practice. A number of our UK offices have achieved certification to ISO 18001.

Health & Safety policy