HBM is a global market leader in test and measurement and weighing technology, offering complete measurement solutions from sensor to software for industrial and laboratory applications. Together with advanced DAQ systems, HBM provides transducers for torque, force, pressure, strain, displacement and weight. With over 55 years of know-how and experience, the company is renowned for its outstanding quality, reliability and innovation in the fields of industrial measurement and weighing.


Load cells, transducers, strain gauges, signal conditioning and data acquisition systems, test and measurement software, weighing electronics and high-precision calibration instruments.


Data acquisition from a single channel to over 20,000 channels, stress measurement in structures, machines and aerospace applications, torque measurement in test stands, primarily in the automotive and shipbuilding industries. Process monitoring of tensile and compressive forces in production lines, weighing applications in agricultural, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and many other industries. HBM is the leading calibration laboratory world-wide for torque, force, pressure and voltage ratio.

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