Malvern Instruments

As a leading provider of scientific instrumentation, Malvern Instruments delivers the characterisation systems its customers require to maximise productivity, develop better products and get them to market faster. Applied with Malvern’s extensive industry knowledge, technical expertise and applications understanding, these analytical systems help customers effectively address underlying business challenges. By developing appropriate measurement solutions that provide consistent, relevant and reliable information, Malvern supports the critical decision-making of its customers in their drive for efficiency, economy and productivity, in processes ranging from basic research through to manufacturing quality control.


Laboratory-based and in process particle characterisation systems, rheometers and viscometers, near infrared chemical imaging systems.



An extensive range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paints/coatings, cosmetics, sand/cement, ceramics, minerals and food, where particles form an integral part of an end product or where rheological properties are important in development, manufacture or end use.

Malvern Instruments merged with PANalytical on 1 January 2017.

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