Business Overview


Materials Analysis

Materials Analysis provides products that enable customers to determine structure, composition, quantity and quality of particles and materials, during their research and product development processes, when assessing materials before production, or during the manufacturing process. Our products help customers to improve accuracy and speed of materials analysis in the laboratory. We see a growing demand for the application of our solutions in quality and process control. Our key customers in this segment are leaders in the metals, minerals and mining, pharmaceutical and academic research industries. The operating companies in this segment are Malvern Instruments, PANalytical and Particle Measuring Systems.

Operating Companies

Test & Measurement

Test and Measurement supplies test, measurement, and analysis equipment and software for product design optimisation, manufacturing control, and environmental monitoring systems. Markets are principally the aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics and oil and gas industries. For customers in the automotive and aerospace industries, our products and applications help them to design and test new products whilst reducing time to market. In consumer electronics, our equipment and software enable customers to refine the performance and accuracy of their products and to test them in the production process. In the environmental monitoring market, the desire for higher standards of community comfort is creating additional demand. In the oil and gas industries, our products and solutions optimise the recovery rates of oil and gas reservoirs and support the development of cost-efficient extraction processes in a safe manner that minimises the impact on the local environment. The operating companies in this segment are Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration, ESG Solutions and HBM.

Operating Companies

In-Line Instrumentation

In-line Instrumentation provides process analytical measurement, asset monitoring and on-line controls for both primary processing and the converting industries. Our products and applications provide precision measurement in challenging operating environments, ensuring process quality, asset uptime, safety, and improved yield. Our key customers are in the electronics, petrochemicals, oil and gas, pulp and paper, energy, manufacturing, automotive, and medical industries. The operating companies in this segment are Brüel & Kjær Vibro, BTG Group, NDC Infrared Engineering, and Servomex.

Operating Companies

Industrial Controls

Industrial Controls provides products and solutions that measure, monitor, control, inform, track, and trace during the production process. Key customers are active in industrial manufacturing, automotive, electronics, packaging, and life sciences. Sales in this segment are mainly financed through customers’ operating expenditure budgets so this segment is the least exposed to the industrial capital expenditure cycle. The operating companies in this segment are Microscan, OMEGA Engineering and Red Lion Controls.

Operating Companies